ASA CREW Journal 02/2017

Fresh Start Taking on something new always brings an excitement.

It is the same for us, the Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage, in publishing this free journal, ASA CREW. An architect career has such a variety of stories to share, from creative design, perspectives in the surroundings around us, thought process, way of living, and aesthetic consideration along with functionality and taste. ASA CREW wants to present our readers an interesting and charming view of architects, so you can sense how an architect “think”, “see”, and “work”.

We hope that “ASA CREW” will be another journal that brings enjoyment and knowledge to our readers, and we hope you readers feel like getting to know a new friend who will soon become your close friend. If you would like to have a conversation or make a suggestion to this new friend, ASA CREW team will be delighted to hear your opinions.

Kamon Jirapong, Ph.D.