ASA CREW Journal 04/2017

The core value of designers’ work is sometimes hard to understand. In this free journal “ ASA CREW issue 04”, the main content is about unwrapping the thought of designers, to allow our readers to understand the design thinking process.

In this issue, I invited abroad student to write about the architectural institute she is studying at, to describe the thinking method in developing new generation architects. I hope this can be useful for Thai teachers and architect students in architecture school. We will give space for Thai architects and students who work or study abroad to participate more in ASA CREW.

The change about social media of the Association of Siamese Architects is not only this free journal , but also the new website –, for members and anyone who wants to contact our members through the“find-an-architect” menu.

As well as the ASA Application, which added materials and products information, will help architects search for catalogues more easily on mobile phones or tablets. We did all this to keep up ASA CREW team’s core value as a media center between architects, designers and the public in Thailand.

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Asst.Prof.Kamon Jirapong, Ph.D.