Thursday, January 16, 2020 11:38 AM

ARCASIA Committee on Social Responsibility (ACSR) organized a Round Table meeting hosted by the Hong
Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA) on 14 September 2019 to discuss architects’ roles on social responsibility
and exchange experiences related to the topic: “Design for Resiliency: Our Social Conscience”. Delegates from
13 countries which are member countries of ARCASIA joined the presentation and discussion sessions at
L’Hotel Harbour View in Hong Kong. At the meeting, ARCASIA President, Ar. Rita Soh, inaugurated the newly
formed ARCASIA Emergency Architects (AEA) group to elevate the level of architects’ involvement in disaster
preparedness, responses, and recovery in the region.
The Round Table concluded with “ACSR Round Table Resolutions in Hong Kong” with 7 points as follow:

1.Establish framework and administrative structure for ACSR works to enable sharing and integration
across ARCASIA committees.

2. Promote ACSR Resolution and implementation to all the stakeholders including policy makers,
government agencies and decision makers of representative member institutes.

3. Establish ARCASIA Conservation Guidebook and Strategy via formation of heritage workgroup.

4. Formation and adopt resilience strategy in a holistic manner including urban design, community, social,
built and natural ecosystem.

5. Integrate resilient designs and social responsibility through awards.

6. Promote and encourage design for resiliency through awards.

7. Conduct research, collect and develop database on regional resilient architecture design methodology.

In addition, ACSR, with supports from the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects and a team of editors including Ar.
Thana Chirapiwat, Ph.D. (ASA), Ar. Farhana Sharmin Emu (IAB), Ar. Manguesh R. Prabhugaonker (IIA), Ar. Kosala
Weerasekara (SLIA), and Ar. Nandaka Jayainghe (SLIA), has completed a book entitled “Design for Resiliency:
Our Social Conscience” as a dossier of the ACSR Round Table Meeting in Hong Kong. The book is available
online at